Elaine K. Lee



I am currently a Software Engineer at Avant in Chicago, IL.

I have previously been a Data Scientist at Civis Analytics and a Software Developer at Rifiniti.

I mainly work in Python. I used to work heavily in Java. I have done personal projects in Javascript.

Presently, I prioritize learning software development as a craft, with an emphasis on readability, low maintenance costs, and performance.


Some examples of my work.

Hubway Bikeshare Analysis

An analysis of Hubway bikesharing patterns in Boston. Featured in the Boston Globe's Brainiac blog.


Where Do People Go After Getting Coffee?

A simple, interactive web app that visualizes foursquare checkins for coffeeshops and their most popular subsequent destinations. As presented at the Civis Analytics Science Fair.

{JS, HTML, Google Maps API, Foursquare API}


A rare events Bingo game (BBingo is short for Bayesian Bingo) , where spaces represent events of differing likelihoods of occurring.

{JS, HTML/CSS, AJAX, Python}


Talks I've given

O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON)

How to Build Consistent and Scalable Workspaces for Data Science Teams

May 2016


Open Data Science Conference

A Hybrid Approach to Data Science Project Management

May 2015



elaine at elaineklee dot com